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Azúcar! A Story of Sugar
by Alan Cambeira
Alan Cambeira, in his first novel set in the Dominican Republic, lyrically seduces the reader in this complex and hauntingly atmospheric tale full of sustained intrigue, exploitation, murder, revenge, forbidden love, and an unforgettable journey into the mystical spirit world and startling Caribbean ritual…all against the deceptive and bitterweet backdrop of azúcar-sugar!..

More Than Black: Afro-Cubans in Tampa
by Susan D. Greenbaum
This engaging ethnography follows Cuban exiles from Jose Marti's revolution to the Jim Crow South in Tampa, Florida, as they shape an Afro-Cuban-American identity over a span of five generations. Its weave of rich historical and ethnographic materials re-creates and examines the developing community of black immigrants in Ybor City and West Tampa, the old cigar-making neighborhoods of the city. It is a story of unfolding consequences that begins when the black and white solidarity of emigrating Cubans comes up against Jim Crow racism and progresses through a painful renegotiation of allegiances and identities. 

Song of the Water Saints
by Nelly Rosario
In Nelly Rosario's beautifully written family saga Song of the Water Saints, Graciela, an unwilling mother and a halfhearted wife, spends her days imagining sea voyages and tracing shapes in the clouds. It is up to Graciela's daughter and her children to make use of the freedoms that eluded Graciela, whose life was shaped not only by poverty but also by the brutal U.S. military occupation of the Dominican Republic, the brief flowering of a belle époque in the 1920s, and the 30-year military dictatorship of Trujillo. With an almost painterly attention to foreground and background, Rosario stresses the importance of these events without letting them overshadow her richly imagined world. Song of the Water Saints is an unusually assured debut from a promising writer.

The Altar of My Soul: The Living Traditions of Santeria 
by Marta Moreno Vega
In The Altar of My Soul, Marta Moreno Vega recounts the compelling true story of her journey from ignorance and skepticism to initiation as a Yoruba priestess in the Santería religion. This unforgettable spiritual memoir reveals the long-hidden roots and traditions of a centuries-old faith.

Biography of a Runaway Slave
by Miguel Barnet, W. Nick Hill (Translator), Esteban Montejo
The story of a 105 year old Black Cuban man who lived through slavery, the War of Independence and the Cuban revolution

Down These Mean Streets
by Piri Thomas
The 30th anniversary edition of this classic memoir about growing up in Spanish Harlem includes an afterword reminding us that its streets are even meaner now, thanks to crack cocaine and the dismantling of government poverty programs. As a black Puerto Rican, born in 1928, Piri Thomas faced with painful immediacy the absurd contradictions of America's racial attitudes (among people of all colors) in a time of wrenching social change. Three decades have not dimmed the luster of his jazzy prose, rich in Hispanic rhythms and beat-generation slang. 



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