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"21" by Adele is crowned the Best Selling Album of 2012 by iTunes
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"21" by Adele is crowned the Best Selling Album of 2012 by iTunes

adeleThe tremulous vocals of Adele have yet another jewel added to the crown as her latest album “21” was ranked as the best selling album of 2012 by the US store of iTunes. This makes the disc ever so popular even after 2 years of its release. The 24 year old singer became the first recording artist to get three accolades from iTunes in the category of best-selling album, artist of the year and the best single of the year. Her album had ousted “Red” by Taylor Swift and “Babel” by the British folk sensation Mumford & Sons. The sales or download figures were not revealed by iTunes.

Among the other best sellers stands the album “Up all night” by One direction and Fun’s “Some Nights.” It came as no shock when the current Grammy nominees found themselves in the top five of the iTunes list in the United States. “21” needs no introduction to the lovers of Adele’s music.

The album was released in February 2011 and has done phenomenally well in rising up the music charts and consequently bagging Adele a whopping 6 Grammy wins in February 2012. This week the crooner has earned Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations for the beautiful single “Skyfall” featured in the latest James Bond flick. This also makes it a powerful candidate for the Academy awards in the coming year.

In response to her oncoming accolades the singer made a statement on Thursday thanking the Golden Globes committee for this gracious honor. She claims that getting a nomination such as this was never imagined. She also extends her word of gratitude to the cast and crew of Skyfall for giving her such a wonderful opportunity. The list was prepared by iTunes after compiling the statistics of the most downloaded tracks and albums in 2012.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s summer sensation “Call me maybe” was deemed to be the top-selling track, while “The hunger games” became the most downloaded movie. In the realm of television, the 2nd season of “Downtown Abbey” was the best selling series along with being a favorite of the American television awards this.