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Maybe This Christmas Tree
Unwritten Law "Here's to the Mourning"
Kreator "Enemy of God"
Isidore (Brash)
In Battle "Welcome to the Battlefield"
Far "Water & Solutions"
Kukl "The Eye," "Holidays in Europe"
The Arcade Fire "Funeral"
Macha "Forget Tomorrow"
Authority Zero "Andiamo"


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Authority Zero "Andiamo"

Authority Zero formed in Mesa, Arizona. They are alumnus of the same alma mater (Westwood High) that begat Jimmy Eat World unto the, uhm... world. Their respective roads have been very different, however. While the Jimmy crew have enjoyed the throngs of (crazed) teenage girls and emo kids propelling them, Authority Zero have had to rely on constant touring and complete dedication to their fans and music.

Andiamó is the follow-up to 2002’s A Passage in Time. This new album continues their tight output of Spanish/Irish-influences, West Coast hardcore, and ska/reggae-tinged music. Oft compared with Bad Religion and Pennywise for their melodies and socially conscious lyrics, this album also reflects Dead Kennedys, Against All Authority, and experimental Spanish rockers Cafe Tacuba.

“Revolution” is the single being pushed, but I found myself going back more often to other tracks like “Retreat,” “1000 Year War,” and their cover of Wall Of Voodoo’s “Mexican Radio.” The album closes with a traditional Irish drinking song “Rattlin’ Bog.” “Chile con Crudo” provides a nice three-quarter-way instrumental interlude that has them flirting with flamenco and surf elements.

Imagine Ramón Montoya Salazar and Dick Dale taking up skateboarding. Wait, no, um... scratch that. Authority Zero have been featured on many stages (Warped Tour), Playstation 2’s Tony Hawk Underground, as well as shared the road with NOFX on the Punk Voter Tour. This quad’s decade of hard work is paying off and their momentum continues to generate; proving that at day’s end, punk rock is still about focusing and working hard.


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