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Unwritten Law "Here's to the Mourning"

Here's to the MourningUnwritten Law is a band about evolution and change. However, the San Diego quintet has also remained true to its roots, never once compromising its rock n’ roll core. The evidence lies in their most recent release, Here’s to the Mourning, as well as in their five previous albums.

Here’s to the Mourning is a combination of catchy, gritty rock, the kind fans have come to expect from Unwritten Law. But there’s also plenty of pounding grooves with hints of drum n’ bass and electronic programming – a fusion that’s sure to lure out your dancing shoes.

The album is indeed eclectic to say the least. There’s the melodic and captivating “Save Me” (the first single), the fetching track “I like the Way” which proves to be quite contagious, and my personal favorite – the fervently intense anthem “F.I.G.H.T.”, all in addition to nine other tracks each unique in their own right.

Unwritten Law has indeed had its share of drama with several switching of labels, lead vocalist Scott Russo’s rebellious rock star antics, and the recent departure of original drummer and founding member Wade Youman. But with all the shit hitting the fan, the band has always stayed loyal to their music, committed to its constant progression, as well as kept themselves interesting for their listeners. True.



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