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Kreator "Enemy of God"

Enemy of GodWill the influx of the old guard never cease? Granted, Kreator already “came back” with 2001’s Violent Revolution – proving that Endorama wasn’t the end for one of Germany’s finest (okay, that was a really bad pun, I admit) – but since then we’ve had Megadeth, Exodus, Machine Head, and Anthrax all reclaiming their metal crowns. That’s a tough act to follow and you’ll need something more than “pretty good” to stand out in that crowd. Well, Enemy of God is aggressive thrash at its finest.

Building on Violent Revolution’s pure energy, Enemy of God plays with faster rhythms, heavier guitars, and a thirst for blood that I didn’t think was possible. The title track opens with a lethal dose of speed and power harkening back to the glory days of yore. Mille Petrozza spits venom and bile, burning our ears and blackening our soul. It’s a musical attack that spares no mercy.

But that alone would just be speed. That shit’s for kids, man, and this is motherfucking Kreator! “Impossible Brutality” is a mid-paced groovefest filled with thundering double-bass and crushing guitars. “Voices of the Dead” combines the apocalyptic melody and blazing guitar that put thrash on the map. And Jurgen "Ventor" Reil’s drum-work is as sharp and precise as a surgeon’s scalpel. This is true metal mastery at work.

Those whom haven’t had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with Kreator can really do no better than Enemy of God. It’s a perfect blend of old and new, keeping their signature sound intact while updating it at the same time. Old fans will be hard-pressed to find anything to complain about either: this album is truly a tour de force. With a sound that revisits their early triumphs edged with maturity, fantastic production, and vocals channeling straight from the abyss, Kreator once again emblaz.



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