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Maybe This Christmas Tree
Unwritten Law "Here's to the Mourning"
Kreator "Enemy of God"
Isidore (Brash)
In Battle "Welcome to the Battlefield"


Isidore (Brash)

The facts: Isidore is the trans-Pacific collaboration between The Church vocalist Steve Kilbey and ex-Remy Zero guitarist Jeffrey Cain. The two met when Cain caught The Church on tour in L.A. and handed his childhood hero an instrumental track written with Kilbey’s voice in mind. The rest, as they say, is history. With Cain recording instrumentals in California, sending them off to Kilbey’s native Australia with nothing more than song titles, the two formed Isidore and recorded 10 songs without ever having been in the same room or held discussions regarding “direction” or arrangements. The results are, as the extremely articulate bio fully and competently states, “ethereal guitars and entrancing vocals… a soul penetrating burst of vivaciousness implemented with precision and passion.” With “sheering chord structures that sting like a sleek razor blade,” the band have indeed created a debut that’s “a swooning sci-fi screenplay, smothered in textural bliss, organic experimentation, and sincere observations” (man, I gotta get this bio writer on my team!).

As much of a cop-out as this sounds, imagine a really depressed Remy Zero channeling The Church’s moodiest moments (“Under the Milky Way”). Isidore is a fragile, delicate, mood-enhancing animal that will leave you entranced.



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