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Music education

music-educationMusic education is becoming more popular in the recent times as the researches across the world are claiming that educating in music leads to changes in character of individuals. Music is now being taught to students from pre-school to higher studies. There are many musical instruments that need training to be played and this training is usually given to kids itself.

The instructional methodologies described in music blog are based on various curriculum and local resources available. Some of the major methods are Dalcroze method, Kodaly method, Orff Schulwerk, Suzuki method etc. The Dalcroze method is sub-categorized as solfege, improvisation and eurhythmics. The training provided by this technique makes use of the senses of the trainees in improvising the tones.

The basic philosophy of this method is that, music is the fundamental part of every individual and is deeply connected to one’s brain. Kodaly method is one another popular music learning methodologies where hand signs and short hand notation are used. According to Kodaly, the necessity to learn music must be taught in schools itself and he wanted to spread music as far as he can. He made sure that the music taught to students remains for life long.

Orff comes from German and brings out the abilities of children to learn music. The basic melodies and rhythms are stressed and music taught. Adult pressure is avoided in this method as Orff believes that it is a student’s self improvisation skills that are needed in learning music. The above methods are concerned only with music and its teachings whereas the Suzuki method incorporates life’s important characters to students through music.

It aims at enhancing the character of individuals learning music. The method always stresses on teaching music along with traits that make a person complete. The method aims at providing an environment where the students feel the native environment of their language. Suzuki method was introduced in Japan and is not so popular than Yamaha method, but it is followed globally.

Apart from the methods displayed above, there are other notable methods such as Gordon music learning theory, world music pedagogy, conversational solfege, Carabo- Cone method, popular music pedagogy, MMCP, O’Connor method, Boss school method etc. With so many learning methodologies, any student can learn music in a very short time.


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