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Managing an Social Online Reputation

Online-Reputation-AdviceThe whole world listens when your customers talk about you! The small business has been considerably shaken by the mushrooming of so many local review sites and social networks that have become the Yellow Pages of new generation, one-stop platforms and independent critics where your potential customer's search for user feedbacks.

When everybody is free to criticize, how are you going to manage your reputation?

Some business owners feel terrified by what looks like mob rule than intelligent people on such social networking and review sites - socionomica.com. It can be really very unpleasant to see these negative reviews coming prominently on the first page on every search. However, on the positive side, your happy clients refer your products to their friends and family, and it has been traditionally the best source of new clients, and now the online forums give the most convenient approach to share good or bad feedbacks. The product review has become almost democratized where everybody can present their view.

The use modern technology requires that you need to be equipped with the required skill to engage with your customers on various online platforms (google+, twitter, facebook) and promote on the right channels to manage your online reputation. For mainstream business, online skills have become essential. As per the empirical surveys reported by the Opinion Research Corporation, almost 84 percent Americans accept that online reviews influence their purchasing behavior.

Customers are almost buzzing with their opinions regarding your product; all you have to do is to reach them at the frequency to hear them. See what is displayed when you go far a random search of your business name. Do you feel that it was easy to find you by search? What impression you got? Do you have any blog or web page and if so, are they updated? Did you find your products reviewed on any online forum or blogs?

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and see your business as a customer. As per the study conducted by the Yellow Pages Association and ComScore, local searching for products and services increased by 58 percent last year to reach about 15.7 billion searches amounting to more than ten percent of overall searches.